Posted by: isucan | September 28, 2009



  1. Dear Mr. Donald Clarke, I want to thank you for your assistance in the development effort of the WordPress Website for the ISUCAN1.Org. When you have some time please give me a call & i will fill you in on the website continued progress.
    Hon. David Forde,
    Founder/CEO of ISUCAN1.Org.

  2. Hello David,

    Congratulations! on the website’s progress. As you know, I am glad to be a part of this project, I also know what it meant for you to have your dream come true.

    Continued “Good luck” and I’ll be in touch.


  3. To: Our Caribbean Nationals residing in communities throughout the US, i urge you to start getting involved, by participating into your communities Program Activities, & submit your concerns of issues that is affecting your family quality of life. Let’s start sharing those issues with the International Society of United Caribbean Nationals, (ISUCAN), USA, Org. So that we can seek resolution, from the associated Government Agencies. Thanks for supporting the ISUCAN, Organization, we are @ your service & are willing to served you upon request.
    Respectfully Yours,
    Hon. David Forde, President, CEO/Founder of ISUCAN, USA, Org.

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