About Us

The International Society of United Caribbean Nationals, USA. Org. (ISUCAN) was founded and established by the Hon. David Forde in 2007.

The Hon. David Forde, Founder/CEO of ISUCAN Org., is a retired Software Quality Assurance Engineering Consultant Specialist for the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). In addition, Mr. Forde’s proven expertise in community affairs includes being a Community Activist and Organizer, Lobbyist, and Advocate for the Brooklyn Community Residents on Health Care Providers, and their Services to the Community.

After witnessing a lack of unity and non-partisanship between Brooklyn
Community Organizations Groups, Businesses, and Resident Nationals throughout his travel experiences in the global arena, The Hon. David Forde saw the need to bring unity to the Community, and hence, the Organization was created to bring about the needed Community unification for its Organization Groups, Businesses, and Resident Nationals that was long overdue, for the sole purpose of presenting and speaking to the related Government Agencies, with a single unified Voice on Community issues and concerns for its residents.

As a Community Activist and Organizer, The Hon. David Forde has work with Community Elected Officials throughout the districts, on a variety of Community issues and concerns that affect the Community resident’s quality of life. Some of these major issues addressed were related to U.S. Immigration Services, Voters Registration, Fair Housing and Services, Reducing Teenage Drug use in the Community, and Health Care Services.

The organization’s plan defined the goals and objectives that establish the services that will be provided to the Community and to its residents. The following are a summary of those Services: Representative Service for Communication Networking, Political Awareness, Economic Growth and Strength, Family Health Care, Higher Education, Fair Housing, and Community Integration for our visiting Foreign Caribbean Students, and U.S. Immigration.

The ISUCAN1 reference activities listed above establishes the organization’s diligence to perform the planned goals and objectives for the first fiscal year of service.

For additional information regarding Community related issues addressed by the The International Society of United Caribbean Nationals, USA. Org., please contact:

Hon. David Forde
2234 Pacific Street Suite 1
Brooklyn, NY 11233
Tel: 516-864-6674
Email: hon.djforde@gmail.com

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