Caribbean National Ethnic Identity

Proposal of a recommendation for the Ethnic Identity of  “Caribbean National”

We are Community members of the ISUCAN, USA Org., who would like to propose through our President & Executive Committee, our recommendation for our own Ethnic Identity here in the USA and all other non-Caribbean Countries where Caribbean Nationals Reside.

Currently, the Caribbean Nationals are being incorporated into the Federal Government Census Data records as African Americans, and on all other applications, forms and Government documents.

Our proposed recommendation request will be submitted to all Government Agencies requesting that they consider our proposal for our own Ethnic Identity as “Caribbean National”, and to document as such, on all Government forms and applications where an ethnic identity is required. We are making this proposed request due to our research on current Ethnic Identities of other Minority Groups here in the US.  For example: African American, Latino, Jewish, German, Russian, Italian, Polish, Etc.  Therefore, the purpose of this request to have our own Ethnic Identity as other Ethnic Groups listed in the reference examples above. 

Thanking you in advance for your indulgence and support with this major Ethnic Identity recommendation for our Caribbean Nationals. For additional information regarding this proposed request:

Please: Contact David Forde @ Mobile #: (516) 864-6674,

Respectfully Yours,

Hon. David Forde,

President, CEO/Founder of ISUCAN, USA, Org.


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