Welcome to The International Society of United Caribbean Nationals, (ISUCAN), USA. Org. We are a non-profit organization created to establish unification between each of the Caribbean Community Nationals & Organizations within the CARICOM Member Nations residing in Communities throughout the Americas. We believe that, as “One Body” that is comprised of different Caribbean Community Nationals from the various Caribbean islands, we have One Goal, and are One People with One Voice.

The main objective of  The International Society of United Caribbean Nationals (ISUCAN1), USA. Org., is to provide the community residents with instructional information to ensure Liberty through, but not limited to, Equal  Economic Growth and Alternative Programs for Community Youth Development, Integration of Foreign Students into US Communities of their cultural heritage, Networking, Advocacy, Higher Education, Family Health Care, Legal and Public Assistance, and Fair Income Housing.

We will also provide assistance with Immigration Issues and concerns with US/Caribbean Government Agencies and other Community needed opportunities, which will promote Political Awareness and Justice for all Caribbean Nationals, Community  Businesses, Clergy, and Consulate members residing throughout the diaspora of the Americas.

For additional information, please contact the organizational President, CEO/Founder, Hon. David Forde at our mailing address 2234 Pacific Street, Brooklyn NY, 11233, or E-mail Address @: hon.djforde@gmail.com or by cell number (516) 864-6674


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