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Caribbean National Ethnic Identity

Proposal of a recommendation for the Ethnic Identity of  “Caribbean National”

We are Community members of the ISUCAN, USA Org., who would like to propose through our President & Executive Committee, our recommendation for our own Ethnic Identity here in the USA and all other non-Caribbean Countries where Caribbean Nationals Reside.

Currently the US Federal Government Census Data records does not include Caribbean Nationals as one of the US Ethnic Identities being captured on the Census Forms. The current forms only provide provisions for the population Community of African/Americans, which only allow the Caribbean Nationals with one option and that is to check off the African/American box, which captured & recorded all Caribbean Nationals as part of the African/American Census population on the Census application forms,

Our proposed recommendation request to all Government Agencies requesting that they consider our proposal for our own Ethnic Identity as “Caribbean Nationals”, and to document as such, on all US Government forms and applications where an ethnic identity are being required. We are making this proposed recommendation on behalf of our US Caribbean Diaspora Community National’s residing in the US, resulting from our ISUCAN Org. Outreach Committee research on the US  current Ethnic Identities of other Minority Groups here in the US.  during the Period from 1964-2010, (46 Years), For example: African/Americans, Latino, Jewish, German, Russian, Italian, Polish, Etc. Therefore, the purpose of this request to have our own Caribbean Ethnic Identity as other US listed Ethnic Groups in the reference examples above. We are requesting that the US House of Representatives Committee for New develop Policies, to add this new proposal to their upcoming agenda schedule for committee discussion with recommendation to be sent to floor for full debate & vote to amend the current  US Policy/ Procedures, to add the US Caribbean Nationals as a new required Identity disclosure to all US Government Forms requiring Ethnic Identities Disclosures,

Thanking you in advance for your indulgence and support with this major Ethnic Identity recommendation for our Caribbean Nationals. For further needed information to this proposed requested recommendation: You can response via the website E-mail address @:, or direct contact via Mobile # @:

(516) 864-6674

Respectfully Yours,

Hon. David Forde,

President, CEO/Founder of ISUCAN, USA, Org.

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